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A simple fantasy rugby game that's perfect for companies to play 

A 'Team Builder' Pick the Score game is a great way to cut through the 'daily grind' and engage a target audience for the duration of a feature rugby series. Typically this means a valid excuse to create dialogue with staff, customers and business associates. It is primarily used for team building, developing better working relationships and extending business networks.


The process breaks through normal boundaries, whether geographical or business role, and draws all people together in a fun environment. It is specially geared to deliver high quality involvement without causing undue distraction from daily business.

Additionally it is used to promote brand values, and can be leveraged to deliver a light level of learning.

Users will be attracted back to the website at least weekly, more likely two or three times a week, to review game scores, check on competitor rankings, update picks, check the chat and see who the prize winners are.

In addition to the website content, there will be ability to reach out to the audience through multiple outbound emails, including lead-in announcements, regular round based emails and a final wrap-up email.


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